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Welcome to the website dedicated to understanding and applying the themes found in C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters.  I first read the Letters about 18 years ago and honestly, I remember being a little stumped at most of what I read.  I was able to grasp some of the more basic themes, but I couldn’t help but feel that I was in over my head.  I was new in my faith at that time and definitely needed some guidance to help become more aware of the devilish strategies that devils like Screwtape will use in our lives.  Maybe you have felt the same way as you have read and re-read the Letters.

As a pastor, I decided I wanted to teach through the Screwtape Letters a few years ago for a Sunday School class.  There was tremendous excitement as we delved into various topics and learned how that old devil Screwtape sought to instruct Wormwood in the ways to tempt his patient.  As the teacher, I found that there were only a couple concise study guides to help us weave through the complexities of Screwtape’s strategies.  What I wanted and needed was a comprehensive study guide that covered every letter in depth and also might provide some study/disccusion questions we could use in class.  Additionally, I thought it would be helpful to have these discussion questions interact with the Bible and other theological themes.  Over the next couple years and teaching through the letters at two different churches, I created my own comprehensive study guide to help anyone teach or understand the letters better.  I have designed The Comprehensive Screwtape Letters Study Guide to be used in College or High School courses, small groups, Sunday School, Home Schooling or personal study.

I encourage you to take a look around on this site.  You will find a sample chapter of the Study Guide, helpful links to other C.S. Lewis resources, and reviews of the study guide.

My hope is that as we learn to avoid the schemes of that wily devil Screwtape, we will become even more successful in living the Christian life.


Mondo Gonzales

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